Until some of its members appeared in the viral video of bikers terrorizing a young Manhattan family out for a Sunday drive, the Frontline Soldiers Motorcycle Club seemed the very opposite of the Hells Angels.

“In no shape or form, under any circumstances will this MC take part in any sort of criminal activity,” the club’s website announced even before the incident. “Furthermore, FLS is never to function as, be known as, or act as an outlaw club, gang or organized crime group from now until the end of time.”

The website adds: “This MC will promote fellowship among motorcycle riders/clubs and improve the relationships between the general public and motorcycle riders.”

In keeping with that stated goal, the Front Line Soldiers hosted a picnic in August for patients at a Veterans Administration health care facility in Lyons, New Jersey. The recreation therapy department afterwards sent the club a thank you note.

“The picnic was a big success and the patients enjoyed all the delicious food that was served,” the September 18 letter reads. “The live DJ made the picnic extra special for the patients who later expressed to us how much they enjoyed being able to spend time with your members.”

The club could even boast at least one and perhaps as many as four NYPD officers in its ranks. That includes the off-duty undercover detective who was among members of the club who were apparently part of a larger group that swarmed the Manhattan family on September 29, just 11 days after the date of the VA thank you note.

The NYPD is investigating whether a second off-duty cop was also present. A senior department official says he does not believe that any officers were involved in the actual assault that occurred at the end of the chase.

However many cops were present, there remains the question of how any officer could have failed to intervene as Alexian Lien was dragged from behind the wheel of his Range Rover, beaten, and left bleeding in the street. A 51-year-old passerby named Sergio Consuegra later told reporters that the assailants even tried to pull out the wife, Rosalyn Ng.

“She had the baby in her arms, I guess she was protecting the baby from all the glass that was flying inside and outside,” Consuegra says. “At that moment, nobody’s stepping in.”

Consuegra decided that it was up to him.

“I said, ‘Oh, I gotta do something, there's a family in danger here,’" Consuegra added.

He had been on his way to a prayer meeting. He recalls that he felt God was with him as he stepped up and extended his arms. He was the very opposite of a cowardly mob.

“That’s it, guys, let it go, “ he cried out. “Let it go.”

He recalls meeting the gaze of the assailants—him peering into their eyes, them peering into his for a tense and eternal moment. They backed down and it was over.

“Somehow, they stopped,” he later told reporters.

Consuegra had been armed only with his courage, and that added to the shock when the news broke later in the week that at least one off-duty cop had been present. The cop had waited three days to inform his superiors, andreportedly told them that he had been afraid of blowing his cover as an undercover operative with the intelligence division, which seeks to safeguard against terrorists. He had further insisted that he had only arrived on the scene of the assault after somebody called the police and the family was out of danger.

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