UPDATE: 10:04 PM - The lockdown has been lifted in Fort Hood.

UPDATE: 8:42 PM - At least four people are reported dead in another mass shooting at Fort Hood.  The gunman is also reported as being dead.  The shooter is being identified as 34-year old Ivan Lopez.  More than a dozen other people are reported wounded.  Fort Hood was the scene of another deadly mass shooting in November of 2009.  

President Obama says he intends to get to the bottom of the shooting.  He added he's heartbroken over the deadly incident.  

UPDATE: - The suspect in today's shooting at Fort Hood is identified as Specialist Ivan Lopez.  Texas Congressman Michael McCaul gave the identity to CNN.  There's no word on exactly what may have prompted the shooting that left several people injured.  There are multiple reports that three others were killed.  The base remains on lockdown. 

(Ft. Hood, TX)  --  Emergency sirens are active at Fort Hood in Texas after a shooting at the base.  Authorities are telling people in the area to keep their doors closed and locked and to stay away from windows.  Multiple sources are reporting one person is dead and eight injured.  NBC reports there is a suspect in custody, but police are looking into the possibility of a second shooter.  President Obama has been informed of the situation. 

Fort Hood was the site of a shooting in 2009 that left 13 people dead and more than 30 wounded.  In that case, Army Major Nidal Hasan was convicted of the shooting.  He didn't put up much of a defense, saying he did it for religious reasons. 

The 2009 shooting was the worst shooting on an American military base in history.