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(Yahoo!) - Pharrell Williams created some serious buzz at the 2014 Grammy Awards when he rocked a brown Vivienne Westwood mountain hat with a red Adidas zip up jacket. And now, the head turning accessory can be yours – well, if you're willing to shell out for it, that is.

The "Happy" singer took to Twitter on Thursday to announce that he is selling the hat on eBay to benefit a good cause. 

In a statement, Pharrell explained, "I'm giving up the Buffalo hat I wore to the Grammys to help underserved kids get the educational tools they need. Our organization, From One Hand to Another, is committed to bringing kids experiences that ignite their passions, challenge their minds, and prepare them for success.”

The singer later joked about the designer dud that has since been dubbed "The Arby’s Hat" by tweeting

(The fast food chain tweeted asking for it on Grammy night.)

So just how much is the accessory going for? The starting bid was just $200 and was up to a whopping $10,500 at the time this post was published. In less than 24 hours since the listing was posted, the auction has reeled in 64 bidders… and it still has 10 more days to go, as the listing doesn't close until March 2.

While the hat may be a fashion sensation now, Pharrell had no idea that it would garner so much attention. He opened up to "The Insider" about the topper following music’s big night: "I just put on my jacket and I put on my hat and I needed to get to the awards because we had a performance and I was happy to be there. And I know that that opportunity and those moments are not afforded to many so I think I put more of my intention and purpose into what I needed to do. So I just put on my Adidas jacket and I put on my Buffalo hat and got ready to go to war," he explained.

Pharrell not only owns the hat in brown, but he was photographed in New York sporting a gray version as well, so he may not be giving up the look completely.

Check out the video to see Pharrell rock the hat that became an overnight sensation:

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