'Stuff Mom Never Told You' Talks Love In Lockdown

On this episode of Stuff Mom Never Told You, our hosts Anney and Samantha talk about how the quarantine might be affecting relationships. They get into quarantine Tinder dates, the divorce rate, the coming COVID baby boom, a sobering discussion of domestic violence, detention centers and shelters, and who is being helped by the $2 trillion stimulus package and who may be getting left behind. They also share some funny tips on how to quarantine successfully with your significant other, and laugh about the new sex guidelines released by the city of New York encouraging us to, uh, go it alone: “You are your safest sex partner,” they declare.

Anney says she’s heard about people still going on first dates by bringing food into their respective cars and cracking the windows to have a conversation; Samantha has also heard of people eating a meal together on Skype or FaceTime. She’s been “very impressed with the dedication and creativity” people are showing on dating apps to still connect under quarantine. It’s kind of “a new age of courtship,” Anney muses, where people will really have to talk and get to know each other before they meet in person. And for people who are already coupled up, will this quarantine lead to a new baby boom? Or perhaps divorce? The divorce rate spiked in China after their lockdown, so it’s not unlikely that the same will happen here. 

And what about people for whom home is not a safe place? People who are in abusive relationships or LGBTQ youth who are stuck with a hateful family member? Samantha says that many of the domestic violence shelters and LGBTQ youth shelters are still open, but they’ve gotten less calls than ever before – either because people are assuming they’re closed, or they’re worried about being exposed to the infection there. “I’m concerned that it’s one of those things that will be forgotten in all this,” Anney says. 

They lighten the mood after that serious topic by talking about some of the things people have come up with to maintain harmony in their household, such as “inventing a third person to blame” for things like unwashed dishes. “I’m doing that, and I’m alone,” Anney laughs, shaking her proverbial fist at an invisible “Cecilia.” Hear all their relationship tips for a harmonious quarantine, other interesting side effects of the quarantine on the sex industry, and more on this episode of Stuff Mom Never Told You.

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