‘Whine Down’ Offers Marriage Advice For Quarantined Couples

One Tree Hill star and singer Jana Kramer and her husband, Mike Caussin, host Whine Down, and on this episode, they’re talking about maintaining marital bliss while you’re quarantined together. With the divorce rate skyrocketing in China after their two-month lockdown, this might be a good time for lots of couples to revisit open communication, respecting boundaries, and creating personal space so that while we’re social distancing, we aren’t emotionally distant. They also welcome Dr. Roshini Raj, gastroenterologist and Today Show host, to tell us about her experience working with COVID-19 patients in New York, and answer listener questions about religion, cell phone use, and long-distance relationships.

Jana says their shelter-in-place time has made her notice “how loud you chomp” on sandwiches and chips, but Mike says sweetly that he’s only noticed “how much I love you and how I appreciate every moment together...I guess that’s the difference between you and me.” They talk about how surreal it was to be in Canada when things started to escalate, having to rush back to the country before they closed the borders; Jana says she had a “massive anxiety attack...I was just shaking in bed.” But she’s quick to point out that they’re lucky: “I am so grateful to be bored at my house,” she says, when they could be sick or stuck in a hotel somewhere. But it’s important to set boundaries to maintain harmony – they talk about alternating mornings with their kids, so one of them can sleep in, creating places in the house they can hole up to work from, and most of all, communicating openly. “Stop with the mind-reading,” Jana advises. “Ask for what you need, and don’t be afraid to ask your partner what they need.” 

Then Dr. Raj comes on the phone; she’s preparing for a lot more patients, saying the doctors and nurses are “just trying to keep calm and do our jobs.” She stresses that the most important thing is for people to stay home, wash their hands, sanitize their surfaces, and try to stay healthy so that hospitals all over the country aren’t overwhelmed with patients. It’s not just about COVID-19, she points out. If hospitals are bursting at the seams with coronavirus cases, “that means they’re not able to treat the regular things that anybody can get, either,” like if a child falls off their bike and breaks their arm. “We’re all going to be suffering if our hospitals are overwhelmed...you doing your part by staying home is actually going to help everybody.” 

Jana asks her about testing, whether or not we’ll have the same downturn in cases as China and South Korea, how to effectively quarantine if you’re sharing a house with other people, and how best to boost your own immune system. Get this great information from Dr. Raj, and more relationship advice for listeners from Jana and Mike, on this episode of Whine Down.

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