New Jersey Hospital Suspends Nurse Who Raised $12K For Protective Equipment


A nurse at a hospital in New Jersey was suspended after she created a GoFundMe and used the donations to purchase protective equipmentOlga Matievskaya, 48, was concerned after the hospital started running low on supplies such as masks and gloves because of the influx of patients who have COVID-19.

Nurses working in the ICU at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center were given a single mask for the whole week, while others were forced to reuse surgical gowns, even though they are supposed to be discarded after each use.

Matievskaya decided to help out and created a GoFundMe to raise money to buy supplies that the healthcare workers desperately needed. In just a few days, she raised more than $12,000 and used it to buy protective equipment.

According to Pro Publica, she went on eBay and purchased about 500 masks, 4,000 shoe covers, and 150 jumpsuits. While other nurses at the hospital were glad to have some basic protections against COVID-19, hospital administrators were not happy.

It turns out, Matievskaya violated a policy against distributing medical supplies, and she was suspended.

"No employee is allowed to distribute unauthorized medical supplies within the hospital," Newark Beth Israel Medical Center said in a statement. "The nurse in question was temporarily suspended for inappropriately distributing unauthorized medical supplies, against this policy."

Matievskaya's suspension reportedly ended on Monday (April 6).

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Photo: Getty Images