6 YouTubers With Budget-Friendly Meals You Can Make During Quarantine

These are challenging times we’re facing, and many people are reasonably shifting to more budget-minded lifestyles — and that includes how much money we spend on food. Few have the luxury of indulging on meal delivery services every day, so a grocery store trip can make all the difference between tonight’s dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast.

We’re here to help, and so are these uber-talented YouTube chefs who have put together some simple, affordable meals to put your frugal heart at ease.

1. Avant-Garde Vegan

One of the most familiar faces of vegan cuisine, Gaz Oakley (a.k.a. Avant-Garde Vegan) makes some of the fanciest yet accessible recipes in the FoodTube community. In this video, Gaz throws together his dad’s famous chilli as well as tasty lentil and tofu dishes. Although many of these recipes call for fresh veggies, you can always substitute for canned alternatives you may have in the cupboard to save a few bucks if needed.

2. Frugal Fit Mom

Have a full house to feed? Frugal Fit Mom can relate, and she’s got tons of nifty budget dinners that won’t stretch you thin on cash. With tons of recipes, price breakdowns and grocery haul vlogs to guide you along the way, this channel might be the saving grace you’ve been waiting for.

3. TheSimplifiedSaver

In need of a $5 dinner? This channel has you covered with a whole variety of budget-friendly meals. What’s more, all the recipes in this video are made with no more than five simple ingredients. In other words, you really can’t beat that. Need variety? Don’t fret, she has an entire series dedicated to teaching you quick, affordable meals (and desserts!) for tough times like these.

4. Sam The Cooking Guy

Make most of what’s in your pantry with Sam the Cooking Guy’s “Lockdown Munchies” series. Sam’s hodgepodge recipes make for fun, creative dishes, and here he demonstrates how to make some pretty impressive meals using leftover vegetables, chicken, and ramen noodles.

5. Mythical Kitchen

Any ramen lovers out there? If so, you may want to tune into chef Josh of Mythical Kitchen, whose instant ramen quarantine hacks in this video will have you making fancy feasts like Ramen salad, French Onion Soup Ramen, and Ramen Cacio e Pepe in the comfort of your kitchen.

6. Pick Up Limes

Pick Up Limes is best known for her eye-catching vegan recipes, and her low-budget meal plan is filled with yummy dishes you can’t resist. In this video, she throws together everything from mouth-watering Macaroni Chili to tasty Tofu Vietnamese Subs — all while spending no more than $2!

Photo: YouTube/Avant-Garde Vegan

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